Uroboros is making clear noodles in 104coe. Like
all of their products, the quality and clarity of this
clear is fantastic. The noodles are approximately
5mm wide and 1mm thick. Fantastic for encasing.
They are about 17 inches long and approximately
20 pieces per 5 ounce tube.

Millefiorie Transparent Slices
Filigrana Rod
Filigrana Rod
Reticello Rods
Reticello Rods
Reticello Rods
Millefiorie Rod
CIM Maraschino
Effetre Calico
104coe Uroboros Clear Noodles
Effetre Clear Frit
Perfect for making
sugar beads or
encasing your beads.
The size is 0.8-2mm.

2oz Jar - $4.00
4oz Jar - $6.00